Solar PV Panel Installers in Blackpool

As an MCS certified company, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality solar installations backed by the highest industry standards. MCS certification ensures that our team possesses the expertise needed for seamless solar integration. Along with HIES insurance backing, providing you with added assurance and protection.

When it comes to solar panels, we tailor solutions based on your specific needs. We work with reputable brands such as Jinco, Longi, Rea, and SunPower, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Our commitment is reflected in the minimum 25-year warranty on all panels, emphasising the longevity and reliability of our installations.

Our advanced inverters, with a minimum 10-year warranty (up to 25 years, depending on the brand), are sourced from industry leaders like AlphaESS and Enphase, ensuring efficient energy conversion for years to come.

With over 300 successful solar installations under our belt, our company is a testament to our skill, reliability, and knowledge in the field.