Local Electrician in Elswick

Elswick local news recently congratulated the village for  'Lancashire Best Kept Village Champion of Champions' award, securing their place as the 'Best Kept Village in Lancashire' and the 'Best North West in Bloom Village' for an impressive 11 consecutive times! Such recognition speaks volumes about the dedication and pride of Elswick's residents, who consistently strive to maintain the beauty and charm of their village. Elswick offers many popular food establishments like The Ship, this traditional family friendly pub nestled in the centre of Elswick offers old world charm fused with modern and cosy interiors for the whole family to enjoy. Another famously local establishment is Bonds ice-cream parlour-Elswick. Bonds ice-cream have been serving ice-cream since 1947, sadly in 2022 bonds had to shut its café which caused a lot of local upset and many news outlets like the gazette and BBC radio covered the sad closing of bonds, thankfully in may 2023 bonds announced they will be selling ice-cream from their trailer on the boot and shoe car park and available for events.

Solar Solutions for Elswick by West Coast Electrical

In harmony with Elswick our solar solutions offer a contemporary approach to energy conservation and sustainability. We enjoy working with Elswick residents offering the opportunity to embrace clean, renewable energy sources.